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We also steer your cash flow in the right direction.

Besides optimising your goods flow, Dimass can also ensure a hassle-free cash-flow. Our Payments department has a single goal: the flawless and secure financial completion of transactions in your webshop. We carefully manage and keep track of cash-flows from the different payment methods used within your ecommerce operations.

As a Dimass customer, you use our payment engine that allows customers to use all the usual payment methods in your webshop, regardless of country.
This offers your online customers extra payment convenience.

And it goes without saying that we provide you with financial reports to give you an overview of your incoming cash-flow.

Fulfilment of cash- and refund transactions

Dimass does not just arrange financial fulfilment on behalf of ecommerce companies. You can also trust us to handle your promotional activities and marketing campaigns. We have much experience in completing cash- and refund transactions (cashback), regardless of what form they take on.

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