Picking & Packing

Picking & Packing

Collecting and packaging orders and preparing them for shipment

Orders received from your webshop are quickly and accurately processed by an experienced team of order pickers. They handle all the steps that form part of the order picking process, from the collection of an order to packaging it and preparing it for shipment.

When it comes to packaging, Dimass offers you a wide range of options. Products can, of course, be packed using standard packaging materials. However, more personalised packaging is also available. We have special cartons to which we can add your corporate logo or different colour schemes.

In addition to packaging material, we also supply packing notes, return forms or invoices, shipment labels and possible accompanying letters. And if preferred, your corporate logo can be incorporated into these.

Packing robot

With our latest acquisition, a packing robot, we’re focusing on improved speed and sustainability. While parcels were previously processed manually, we are leaving the packing of an ever-growing number of parcels to this robot.

We’re staying a step ahead in the ever-changing world of fulfilment with this intelligent logistics robot. When it comes to the quality of our services, we set the bar very high, which is why we’re continuously working on improving the efficiency of processes. And efficient order processing is a crucial part of this. With our packing robot, we can take advantage of many current developments that cannot be further optimised when using manual processing.

Advantages of the packing robot

  • Speed. The rate at which the packing robot packs products cannot be matched by hand. This means that we can dramatically increase processing speeds with the packing robot.
  • Efficient use of packaging materials. Products passing through the packing robot are packed in boxes that are cut and folded to size. As a result, the machine never uses too much cardboard.
  • Sustainability. Thanks to the robot’s ability to produce made-to-measure boxes for every order, parcels take up less space. This means that more products can be dispatched in shipments. More parcels per shipment equals fewer trips and therefore a reduction in emissions.
  • Less prone to error. The automated packing process virtually always filters out possible picking errors. While in the past wrong products could have occasionally been picked and packed, the robot now traces such errors during the process.

What’s in a name?

To celebrate the packing robot joining the Dimass family, we’ve dubbed it ‘Louis Carton’. It’s a real showpiece in our warehouse that we are proud to have here!

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